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when is the right time?

The traditional models of career development were quite linear: as people were moving along their lifecycle, their career exploration would happen in late adolescence and early-adult years, the time when they would decide which vocational or academic path to take. Those early career choices would determine their whole professional life. It worked well in a world where jobs were to be kept for life, until retirement.

It is not the case any more. Nowadays, career changes take place several times during an individual life: people switch employers, employers renew their talent, individuals discover new areas of personal motivation as they go through their lives.

At present, you may find yourself in a career exploration phase every few years. It is not extraordinary and happens to many of us.

In the end we all want the same: a career path that gives us purpose and fulfillment.


If you are asking yourself:
“is it time to explore the next step?”
now is the right time.

Career switch

uncover your resources

People are capable of creating great ideas and solutions when they are in a positive, reflective environment.

At Atentamente it is all about you. You receive a client-centred approach to career coaching: we listen to you carefully, create a space for reflection and help you clarify your motivation, options, and the way forward.

We will discuss your aspirations, wishes and goals:
What drives them?
What makes them important?

We will explore your resources:
What is possible and within your reach today?
How do you set foundations for your growth in the future?

Atentamente works with proven career exploration methods and tools and transformational coaching.

We will explore your skills, interests and preferences using credible assessment tools and career counselling theories.

We will help you determine what career choices suit your personality type and explore the jobs that match your preferences, values, interests, personality and skills.


We are also a licensed Insights Discovery practitioner if you would like to deepen your understanding of your personality type and communication preferences.

get ready – and go!

Once you have reached clarity about your options, we will help you prepare for the next steps. This involves developing an action plan and mapping resources to make it work.

  • You will receive advice on your C.V.
  • You will practice your self-presentation and interview skills in a simulated setting
  • Atentamente makes it challenging and fun!
  • You will see yourself grow and receive a lot of feedback and encouragement.

It is a safe environment and we will not let you fall!

We want you to leave Atentamente prepared and confident, with a knowledge of your capabilities and skills, and adaptable to the changing world.

Of course you can always come back for a consultation.

Professional development Atentamente HR Consulting and Career Coaching

where do I start?

Book a 15 minute intake conversation (free) to discuss the best approach to meeting your goals. The client and the coach decide jointly on the programme duration and tempo, depending on what you need, your readiness, and available time.

As an example, a career coaching package may consist of nine meetings (1.15 hours each) delivered over three to six months. Individual variations are possible since every client is in a different place of their career exploration journey.

Meetings can be held online or in person.
We are flexible and make an attempt to accommodate requests for coaching sessions outside standard office hours.

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