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Is it time to review your company HR policies?

Well written, accessible HR policies are a key enabler of your HR and Talent strategy. Your internal policies should be guided by your corporate values and principles, underpinning your business goals and creating the working environment you are aspiring to offer to your employees.

Your business environment keeps changing.
It is best market practice to review your HR policies at regular intervals, integrating the latest external developments.

A well written HR policy is also an excellent vehicle to communicate the value of your EVP.

Are your policies still fit for pupose and driving the right behaviours?

Talk to us if you would like to know whether it is time to review your HR policies.

HR processes and employee experience

Is your job application process quick and inviting?

Are your processes based on trust or control?

When was the last time that you checked the costs of delivering your HR processes?

Simple, easy to follow and employee-centric HR pocesses provide an excellent employee experience and save your company’s time and administration costs. As an employer you want your Talent and Leaders to focus on what you really hired them to do: deliver excellent work for your business and pursue new business opportunities. To ensure that, your internal processes should to be accessible, user-friendly and error-proof throughout the employment life-cycle: from their recruitment and onboarding throughout performance assessment and access to employee benefits


Are you communicating the value of your reward?

We hear from many organisations that in spite of their excellent reward, top-quartile pay and a carefully composed benefits portfolio, their employee engagement score is below expectations and some benefits remain underutilised. Some employees do not seem to know the total value of their package and Line Managers do not know how to talk to staff about their pay.

How do you communicate the value of your reward?

Who do your employees talk to about their salary and benefits?

How do you create positive noise around your Employee Value Proposition?

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