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If you are thinking of a career switch…

Utkash Amitabh left a stable job to start NetworkCapital, a global peer-to-peer networking community for ambitious millenials. He describes his successful career transition in a HBR article. It did not happen overnight and it took a few tactical moves before it happened. But he succeeded and shared his solid, humble, realistic and tested advice in this article in Harvard Business Review. A recommended read and a few life and work lessons to take.

In summary, if you are thinking of taking a different career path, start from these questions:

  • WHY do you want to change?
  • WHAT do you want to do?
  • WHEN will the change happen?

Throughout the journey, be realistic on what it takes: you may need another source of income for quite some time before your idea starts making revenue, you may be rejected a few times, success may make you wait for it to come. It is part of it and expected.

Thinking about career switch or starting something new? Perhaps Atentamente can help? Read more to our approach to career transition and how you will be supported here.

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