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Meaningful career for the new times

The last couple years have been tough, let’s give ourselves credit for sticking through. As new virus variants have made prominent entry disguised in noble Greek letters, bringing the world to a standstill more than once, cancelling celebrations, weddings and reunions, freezing travel destinations on the bucket lists, and breaking hearts as people were losing their loved ones to corona, the pandemic is a global experience, but we all live it individually. How have you been?

From the professional angle, we do not yet know what the job market will be like after the pandemic. For one, the pandemic is not over, for two, there is no sure way to predict what will happen when it is over. Whether you are surfing on the wave of the “Great Resignation” or staying on your job to see what will happen next, the last two years have made it almost impossible to escape thinking about career choices. So many things have changed in our lifestyles, it only makes sense that reflections about the meaning of work, our professional choices, and career fulfillment would catch us eventually. Throughout 2020 and 2021 we spent a lot of time at home, sometimes by ourselves, and that is a lot of time for thinking, the downtime to unwind and reconnect with ourselves.

It can be confronting at times. Trying to redefine our relationship to our professional choices may require redoing our priority lists, especially if the pandemic forced us to change the way we live and work. If you used to love your job because it allowed you to travel, do you still find it meaningful when planes have been grounded? If you thought that the buzz and constant connectivity of the open space were so energising, how does working alone from the living room compare to it?

Perhaps you even caught yourself questioning how cool does your stellar career feel when it seems like the future of humanity depends on the previously unsung heroes: the virologists, bio-scientists, ambulance drivers, medical staff, and teachers?

Things are changing and the way we lived in 2019, before the pandemic started, feels so remote. It probably is an end of a certain era, what we considered “normal” back then will evolve into new reality and new experiences as the world moves on, whether the pandemic is here to stay or end before 2023. It will be different, we will embrace it and it will feel good in the end. But what will the new era mean for your professional life?

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