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When to contact a Coach and when a Counsellor?

As a certified Coach, I take ethics seriously. It means that I would not step into a professional field beyond my qualifications. Clients are sometimes not sure which of the helping professions to contact so I prepared this simple overview for guidance:

  • A Counsellor¬† can help you achieve overall mental health and wellness and prepare you to deal with a wide range of issues. Counsellors should have a suitable degree in Counselling, Psychology or Psychotherapy.
  • Coaching uses a lot of the methods derived from Counselling but its focus is on improving the Client’s effectiveness, e.g., in the professional field.¬† As a Career Coach I use established, well researched career development and transition theories and tools.
  • Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists are formally trained at advanced level to deal with mental illness and mental disorders. Psychiatrists are physicians specialised in mental illness.

Talk to Atentamente if you are in doubt whether you should contact a Coach or a Psychologist, we are here to guide you!

If you are a Client, feel free to ask the coaching or mental health practice about their qualifications and working methods before entering into a contract.

Remember, we are Atentamente, we take your matters with highest consideration!


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