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Atentamente means “with deepest consideration”. This is how clients are approached at Atentamente: we listen to you carefully and make you the central point of our working relationship.

We treat you with consideration and attention. Just as it says: Atentamente.

Atentamente stands for: “an attentive mind”. It depicts the way we operate: we pay attention to what is important, explore the core of your needs and partner with you to deliver the best outcomes.

There is nothing more rewarding than growing, developing, and making better: the business, the workplace, and the people.


I started Atentamente to support businesses at different levels of maturity with designing the best Employee Experience for their people. As an experienced HR Consultant, certified Transformational Coach and Continuous Improvement practitioner with solid HR management background from an international corporation I support companies which aspire to become attractive employers with a modern, appealing Employee Value Proposition – and individuals who are approaching a next career step.

Developing an HR and Reward strategy for your business is a balancing act: how do you sustain employee engagement and commercial success for years to come?

Through years of international work experience and academic background in Social Science I have acquired a broad perspective and sensitivity to different economy and business models.

As an HR Cosultant I care about your business success and deploy my consultancy and diagnostic skills for the best outcome. I offer high performance standards, a strategic outlook and an independent perspective.

As a Coach I am client-centred, tactful, nurturing and aim at sustainable change. It is not about quick fixes, it is about a deep, reflective process that empowers the client to bring out the best of their resources.

Atentamente gives the highest consideration to your matters.
There is nothing more rewarding than growing, developing and making better:
the business, the workplace, and the people.

Think about your career Atentamente HR Consulting and Career Coaching
Atentamente HR Consulting and Career Coaching

Agnieszka Mazus built significant expertise in Human Resources and Global Benefits management during an international career in global companies. She holds a Master’s Degree in Social Science from Utrecht University in The Netherlands and obtained her coaching credentials at Coach Masters Academy in Singapore (CMA). As a Career Coach she is accredited by the National Career Development Association (NCDA) in the USA and is pursuing a Master of Counselling degree.   

She chose The Netherlands as her home but has lived, worked and studied in Poland, Argentina, USA, and the Middle East. Fluent in English, Spanish, Dutch, and Polish she is also a published translator and a lover of art, and a keen follower of current affairs, economy, and society developments.


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